Where do I come in?

You can order advice on a variety of issues. Do you need a fresh look at the problem or an independent expert opinion? I will be happy to help you. An example is where I have experience: business, investment, construction, sports, travel, psychology. The mechanism of work begins with the designation of a task or problem. I assess the complexity of the question and the method of solving it, is it necessary to attract highly specialized specialists. I am preparing a contract for the provision of consulting services, where I prescribe the cost and terms of order execution. You make your changes, sign the contract and pay its cost. The “Guarantor of Obligations”, according to the deadlines, prepares a detailed solution to the task and provides it to the customer. You evaluate the work done, if necessary, additions or improvements, I undertake to make corrections. The “Guarantor of Obligations” may act as an arbitrator in controversial issues following consultations. If you are reasonably dissatisfied with the result, taking into account that the opinion is always subjective, I will return partially or the full cost of my services, guided by the rule "the customer is always right". I may not take up the decision of your question, due to incompetence, which I will declare immediately, but taking up the problem, I will solve it as a personal one. Every customer and my authority as an expert are important to me. Turning to me for advice, you will get the result.

Shurygin Artem


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