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The decision to conduct a safe transaction

The buyer and seller / customer and the contractor agree on a transaction through the guarantor service "Guarantor of Obligations". The parties discuss the subject and terms of a secure transaction agreement, choose a payment system, currency, and barter. If necessary, the guarantor of transactions concludes an agreement with the parties.

Buyer transfers money to guarantor

The buyer / customer transfers  money or goods to the guarantor of the transaction. You can do this in several ways: in cash, by bank transfer to an account or card, transfer through electronic payment systems, cryptocurrency, courier services. The “Guarantor of Obligations” confirms receipt to the seller / performer.

The seller sends the goods

The seller sends / transfers the goods to the buyer or provides the service to the customer in a convenient way, according to the terms of the transaction. The guarantor service checks the sending / rendering of the service.

The buyer checks the goods

The buyer / customer receives the product / service. Checks the quality and quantity agreed with the other party. Confirms receipt of a safe transaction by the guarantor, agrees or refuses to complete the deal. In case of refusal, the buyer returns the goods to the seller, the customer resolves the issue with the contractor about compensation for a service that did not suit. If necessary, the “Guarantor of Obligations” acts as an arbiter in resolving the issue, taking into account the rights and obligations of both parties.

Guarantor transfers money to seller

The guarantor of the transaction transfers money / goods to the seller / performer in any convenient way, withholding 3% (1% for transactions of 1 million rubles) from the amount or its equivalent in a successful deal. In case of disputes, the “Guarantor of Obligations” resolves the issue with the parties to the transaction and returns the transferred funds / goods to the buyer / customer without deduction of commission. Secure transaction completed.

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